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Active tourism standards


Summer is the time for outdoor activities. Active tourism is becoming increasingly popular among people of all types; it consists in the carrying out of recreational or sports activities in natural surroundings.

Spain has just adopted three international standards, the UNE-ISO 21101, UNE-ISO 21103 and UNE-ISO/RT 21102, which guarantee safety in the practice of active tourism. As well as establishing a safety management system for this type of activity, the standards also focus on information for participants before, during and after carrying out the activity, as well as the skills required for leaders.

For example, the information provided prior to reserving the activity must include, among others aspects: a description of the activity and the price; the number of participants and number of leaders; the itinerary of the activity; the availability of facilities for people with special needs, etc. Furthermore, activity leaders must have knowledge of certain aspects such as management and group integration techniques and problem solving strategies, as well as first aid.

Activity organisers must also establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve a security management system for active tourism. Identify potential emergency situations and their impact, and establish and maintain response plans and procedures.

In the catalogue of Spanish technical standards, over 300 documents add security to many sports and leisure activities. There are standards for mountaineering, diving, basketball, etc. More information in the Standards in Our Lives section in the AENOR magazine, which show the application of standards in a variety of everyday situations.



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