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AENOR, in the Directory of Companies committed to Equality


The Gijón Gender Equality Programme is holding a seminar on 12 August to present the 2015 Directory of Companies in Gijón committed to equality.

This is the presentation of the Fifth edition of the Directory. The directory is the result of an annual study involving companies and associations from different sectors and of different sizes in Gijón, which are aware of the advantages and benefits of incorporating the equality model into their management systems.

AENOR is included in the 2015 Directory. The company is widely recognised and respected for its values, such as rigorousness, independence and high technical competence. Among other measures, AENOR has an Equality Plan, with guiding principles such as gender equality, gender nondiscrimination and a ban on workplace harassment and violence.

The aim of this seminar is to share the good practices of the 64 companies and associations in Gijón that are committed to equality and to draw attention to their work and commitment. At the end of the event, a diploma will be presented in recognition of the work carried out.

Programme attached.

Useful information:
Wednesday, 12 August. 12:00
Congress Hall in the "Luis Adaro" Exhibition Centre (amphitheater)
Paseo del Doctor Fleming, 481



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