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New UNE for energy auditors


With the publication of the Standard UNE-EN 16247-5 Energy audits. Competence of energy auditors concludes the series of standards that establish the minimum requirements for guaranteeing quality and accuracy in processes of energy audits. In Spain, all organisations, except SMEs, must conduct their energy audits before 5 December 2015. The new part "5" harmonises the training, skills and experience required from auditors or teams of auditors in order to offer the highest quality in energy audit services.

Some aspects taken into account in the new standard UNE-EN 16247-5 are a good knowledge of energy sources and energy markets, the calculation of energy saving, the establishment of indicators and the identification of opportunities for improvement and their economic assessment.

The series of standards is completed with these parts:

-UNE-EN 16247-1:2012. Energy audits. Part 1: General requirements.
-UNE-EN 16247-2:2014. Energy audits. Part 2: Buildings.
-UNE-EN 16247-3:2014. Energy audits. Part 3: Processes
-UNE-EN 16247-4:2014. Energy audits. Part 4: Transport.


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