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Recycling & Recovery Congress (RRC)


A seminar will be held in Madrid on 16 June titled "Circular Economy. A framework for efficiency in industrial processes and reporting of the achievements obtained", within the framework of the Recycling & Recovery Congress (RRC), to be held from 15 to 17 June in IFEMA.

José Magro, Environmental Manager at AENOR, will explain the benefits of the various certificates related to the Circular Economy.

Among these is the AENOR certificate "Residuo Cero (Zero Waste)", which recognises organisations that stop the waste fractions they generate from ending up in a landfill by reusing, recycling or revaluing waste in order to reintroduce it into the system as a new resource or raw material. Or the AENOR certificate "End-of-waste Criteria", which accredits that organisations have carried out the necessary operations to transform the waste into raw materials which are valid for other processes, thus eliminating the possibility of these materials ending up in a landfill. Likewise, the AENOR Ecodesign certificate accredits that the organisation has adopted a management system to identify, monitor and constantly improve its products' and/or services' environmental aspects, providing information to its clients on products that have incorporated environmental improvements in their design.

Further information in the attached document.

Recycling & Recovery Congress Programme attached.



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