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Fundació l’Acadèmia receives the EFQM 400+ Seal of Excellence


Fundació l’Acadèmia de Ciencies Mèdiques i de la Salut of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands has recently received the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence, awarded by AENOR and Club Excelencia en Gestión (CEG).

The Chairman of Fundació l’Acadèmia, Alvar Net, was presented the Seal of Excellence by the Chairman of AENOR, Carlos Esteban and the Director of Club Excelencia en Gestión (CEG) in Catalonia, Miquel Romero. This certificate accredits the achievements of this Organisation in its management model (leadership, people, strategy, resources and processes).

Fundació l’Acadèmia, dedicated to the promotion of ongoing training for health care professionals, has obtained this Seal after successfully passing a rigorous external evaluation audit by AENOR and the CEG. The Evaluation report mentions the Foundation's strengths, including its portfolio of innovative services and the positive results obtained. Thanks to this, Fundació l’Acadèmia, founded in 1872, has now become a point of reference in the rendering of services within its scope of action.

The EFQM Model for European Excellence distinguishes organisations that follow a management strategy aimed at excellence and which have achieved their established objectives.

AENOR, under the licence of CEG, has issued more than 600 Seals of Excellence at its different levels (200+, 300+, 400+ and 500+), to organisations of different sizes and from different sectors.

Further information in the attached Press release.



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