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5 June: World Environment Day


World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June to raise global awareness on environmental issues and the importance of sustainable development.

For this reason, on 7 June AENOR organises in Palma de Mallorca the seminar "Zero Waste. New environmental challenge for organisations within the framework of Circular Economy of the EU."

A meeting that will discuss, among other issues, new tendencies which the European Union has begun to develop related to the "circular economy": for example, on how organisations can maintain productive use of materials for more time, reuse them and improve their efficiency.

AENOR is one of the world's leading organisations in the certification of Environmental Management Systems. The company offers an extensive catalogue of environmental certificates, validations and verifications. These allow organisations to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment by minimising their environmental impact and improving their resource management.

AENOR also has various certificates related to the Circular Economy; among others, the AENOR "Zero Waste" certificate, which recognises organisations which prevent the various wastes they generate from finishing in dumps, by reusing, recycling or revaluing them so that they are reintegrated into the system as new resources or raw materials.

Programme of the meeting attached.



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