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Seminars in China organised by AENOR


AENOR recently gave two seminars in the People's Republic of China and in the Republic of China (Taiwan), in collaboration with the China Certification & Accreditation Association, on "Management of R&D&I." The seminars, in which around 50 professionals participated in Taoyuan and around 25 in Beijing, had the aim of informing on the R&D&I activities carried out by AENOR.

The participants in both seminars, from universities and organisations of the public and private field of the area of science and technology, learned at first hand about the UNE Standards 166002 on R&D&I Management System, 166001 on Projects, 166006 on Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence or 166008 on Technology Transfer.

The certification of R&D&I activities carried out by AENOR enables companies to systematise their research, development and innovation activities, benefit from significant tax deductions, reduce uncertainty and increase efficiency in management.


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