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Agreement between MAGRAMA and AENOR


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) and AENOR have signed an agreement for the development of UNE standards, which will be able to serve from orientation to the fishing industry and acuícola Spanish, in matters related to the fishing marketing, the traceability or the food safety.

By way of this Agreement, the result of years of collaboration and joint actions, the intention is also to promote the participation of Spanish experts and to defend the interests of the Spanish fishing industry in the European and worldwide standardisation forums, in which key standards are prepared for the competitiveness of organisations.

With the signing of this agreement, the Ministry reasserts its binding commitment to the Spanish fishing industry in the performance of actions that contribute to an improvement in the quality and marketing of fishery products.

In the picture, on the left, the Director-General of Fisheries Organisation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Foodstuffs and Environment, Carlos Larrañaga, and the Managing Director of AENOR, Avelino Brito.

Further information in the attached Press release.



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