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Europe, for Standardisation


An event in support of the "Joint Inititative for Standardisation (JIS)" was held in Amsterdam recently; a meeting led by the European Commissioner for the Domestic Market, Industry, Enterprise and SMEs, Elzbieta Bienkowska, and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, on behalf of the European Council.

At the same meeting, the commitment to the document "Joint Initiative for Standardisation (JIS)" was signed by both the European standardisation organisations, including AENOR, and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, consumer associations, environmental organisations, Member States and the Commission.

The initiative for standardisation represents a fundamental support for the role played by standardisation to open up markets for European industry and give confidence to the public authorities and consumers in general. It is based on the value chain of standardisation and entails 15 actions divided into three areas:

1) Knowledge, education and understanding of the European Standardisation System
2) Coordination, cooperation, transparency and integration
3) Responsibility and international dimension

The "Joint Effort for Standardisation (JIS)" is aligned with the recent European Commission publication "European Standards for the 21st Century," with which the CEN and CENELEC organisations have shown their satisfaction on seeing that the Commission has committed itself to incorporating more coherent policies on standardisation (more information in a few days on the AENOR website).

These actions aim to improve the European Standardisation System in accordance with its key values, such as consensus and the voluntary nature of the standards. In addition, the "Joint Initiative for Standardisation" will better align the establishment of the standards thanks to the support of the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.


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