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New CE certification for cables


The cables affected by these regulations must have undergone compulsory assessments for their classification before 1 July 2017; it is important to emphasise that the system established for the conformity assessment varies according to the classification of the product.

The aim of the European Regulation, which AENOR has certified from its founding, is to define the conditions for commercialising building products by establishing standardised rules about how to express the features of these products in relation with their essential features, and at the same time provides instructions on how attach the CE mark onto the products.

This new notification, obtained after the process of accreditation of its technical competency, enables AENOR to expand the scope of the conformity assessment services it already provides in the field of electric cables. This is an area in which it has broad experience, both in national certification with the N mark, as well as internationally with the HAR mark.

The field in which AENOR is authorised covers "cables for the supply of electricity and communications for installation in buildings or other construction works", in which requirements are established that enable the characteristics of their Reaction to Fire to be classified (from Classes Aca to Fca).

The activity of AENOR for cables in the area of these regulations consists of the initial approval of cables after performing the corresponding testing and inspection visits at their place of production, and in the constant monitoring of their compliance, activities that are regularly repeated.

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