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Video contest for World Standards Day


On the occasion of World Standards Day (14 October), IEC, ISO and ITU have organised a competition to enhance awareness of the importance of standards in our daily lives. The competition consists of creating a video; the winner will be awarded 1,500 Swiss francs (approx €1,500) and the three runners-up will be awarded 500 Swiss francs (approx € 500) each.

The challenge is to imagine a world without standards and to make a video showing a situation in which standards do not exist. For example, without standards, it would be virtually impossible for countries to exchange goods or services; or those everyday tasks like withdrawing cash from an ATM or making online purchases...

Now, get your family, friends and colleagues together, and enjoy yourselves when recording this video.

The rules are as follows:
-The maximum duration of the video is 15 seconds
- The following clip must be included at the end of your video External website, a new window will be opened
-Participants must upload the video to YouTube (and make it publicly visible), and share it on Twitter, Instagram or the contest's Facebook page, including the hashtag #speakstandards in the message.
-The closing date for uploading videos is 15 August 2016.

Once the 10 favourites have been selected, they will be displayed on the usual platforms and the public will decide.

More information here External website, a new window will be opened


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