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Carlos Esteban


Carlos Esteban Portal has been re-elected as AENOR's Chairman, in the vote held on 20 July for members of the Board of Directors, as stated in the company's Articles of Association. Esteban represents AFME (the Association of Electric Material Manufacturers) on this AENOR Governing Body.

The Board of Directors also voted in five representatives of the Permanent Committee, with the following results:
- Segundo de Pablo Alonso (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Electric Cables and Drivers and Fibre Optics - FACEL)
- Juan Ramón Durán Puebla (National Association of Capital Goods Manufacturers - SERCOBE)
- Edmundo Fernández Puértolas (Multi-sectorial Association of Businesses in the Electronics, ITC, Telecommunications and Digital Content sectors - AMETIC)
- Alfredo Berges Valdecantos (Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers - ANFALUM)
- Aniceto Zaragoza Ramírez (Spanish Association of Cement Manufacturers - OFICEMEN)

After the training period of the new Permanent Committee of AENOR, members voted for the role of Treasurer, which was assigned to Edmundo Fernández Puértolas.

In this selection, four of the representatives of the Permanent Committee of AENOR were not subject to vote, and so remain a part of the committee:
- Deputy chairman: Luis Rodulfo Zabala (Spanish Confederation of Associations of Construction Product Manufacturers - CEPCO).
- Carlos Vera Sánchez (Association of Telecommunications Operators - AEST).
- Ricardo Cortés Sánchez (Spanish Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concession Groups - SEOPAN).

Furthermore, José Manuel Prieto Barrio (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism) also forms part of the Permanent Committee.


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