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CESVIMAP receives the ISO 39001


The MAPFRE Road Safety and Experimentation Centre (CESVIMAP) has received AENOR certification for its Road Traffic Safety Management System, in accordance with the International standard ISO 39001. The Managing Director of CESVIMAP, Ignacio Juárez, received the certificate from Manuel Romero, Director of Certification at AENOR.

This certification is part of the commitment by CESVIMAP to reduce the risks derived from traffic accidents during the working day. It covers employees, clients and suppliers; specifically, all those related to the MAPFRE Road Safety and Experimentation Centre and whose activities involve the transfer of vehicles and/or people. The certificate obtained by CESVIMAP guarantees that the Centre complies with the requirements of the ISO standard 39001 for the implementation and development of a Road Traffic Safety Management System.

Standard ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems, RTS, to be applied by public and private organisations that interact with the road system, is a tool that permits organisations to reduce and ultimately eliminate the number of deaths and serious injuries occurring as a result of traffic accidents.

In the photo, on the left, the Managing Director of CESVIMAP, Ignacio Juárez, and the Director of Certification at AENOR, Manuel Romero.

Please find more information in the press release attached.



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