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AENOR magazine: Do you know the value of your assets?


Now available! The latest issue of the AENOR magazine.

Do you know the value of your assets?: The new certification as per UNE-ISO 55001 allows you to efficiently monitor and administer your assets throughout their whole life cycle.

Interview - Antonio García, Operations Director of Avanza: He explains how they are standardising the different management systems - quality, environment, workplace health and safety, and energy efficiency - across all operations.

Deforestation averted in Guatemala: The 'Guatecarbon' project, validated by AENOR, envisages a reduction of 42 million tons of CO2 in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

ISO FOCUS - Energy efficiency: Five years after its publication, ISO 50001 is helping organisations all over the world to reduce their costs. Google has managed to reduce its energy consumption and its emissions.

*Standardisation in action - digital geographical information: Standards developed in the CTN 148 guarantee that the different EU nations' spatial data infrastructures are compatible and interoperable.

*Standards in our life - Gym: Many UNE standards help to ensure that doing physical exercise is safe for the consumer.

*Contents provided by the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE.


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