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AENOR and ASTM Seminar


The AENOR and ASTM seminar took place, named: New solutions for Industry. Alistair Klein, ASTM International Director of Business Development in Europe; and Pablo Corróns, AENOR IT Services Manager, set out ASTMs contribution to industry, how to improve competitiveness withe AENOR global services and ASTM solutions for managing knowledge.

AENOR's recognition in international organisations it has enabled it to become an ally that supports the efforts of organisations to be more competitive. AENOR provides UNE standards and, thanks to strategic alliances with other companies, it also has international standards of other organisation in its catalogue including ASTM, ISO, IEC, AFNOR, BSI, DIN, ASME, SAE, and ASTM.

ASTM standards are a benchmark in certain markets. Its catalogue includes technical requirements for metal, paint, plastics, textile, oil, construction, energy, environment, products for consumers, medical devices and electronic products, among others. They are also a useful support and reference for research and development projects, quality systems, product assessment and acceptance, and business transactions.


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