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Publication of a set of standards UNE 21123


In the electricity sector, power cables are the only products or materials affected by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and its application refers to safety aspects concerning reaction to fire performance and the emission of dangerous substances.

The publication of the new edition of the set of standards UNE 21123 concludes the first phase of adaptation to the CPR of the standards on low-voltage electric power cables.

In addition, power cables following the requirements of the Standards UNE 21123-4 and UNE 21123-5 will comply with the Adjustment to the Electro-technical regulations for low voltages (Royal Decree 842/2002) after the publication of the Delegated Regulation 2016/364 that establishes the classification of the reaction to fire performance of electrical power cables, in the following ITC-BT:

- ITC-LV 14: General supply line
- ICT-LV 15: Individual derivations
- ICT-LV 28: Premises for public use
- ICT-LV 29: Premises with risk of fire or explosion

Although for electric power cables the Construction Products Regulation may be applied from 10 June 2016, as from 1 July 2017, all marketed cables affected by this regulation must comply with the requirements and must be duly marked with the corresponding classification.


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