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Gas Natural Fenosa, A Healthy Company


Gas Natural Fenosa Group companies in the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Brazil and Argentina have obtained the AENOR Healthy Company certificate, which attests that the company has implemented a management system that promotes and protects the health, well-being and safety of its employees, as well as the sustainability of the work environment.

In order to obtain this certificate, Gas Natural Fenosa had to identify the risk factors that may affect their work environment, with the aim of controlling, reducing and ultimately eliminating these risks. These factors have been divided into four areas: physical environment, psychosocial atmosphere, health resources and community participation shown by the company.

The Healthy Company certificate is a pioneering model in the world, developed by AENOR, based on internationally recognised criteria and on the methodology of constant improvement known as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA). This model understands health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

Since AENOR granted the first Healthy Workplace certificates in 2013, more than 45 organisations of various sizes and across various sectors, have now obtained this certificate.

Gas Natural Fenosa is a leading multinational group in the integration of gas and electricity, with a presence in more than 30 countries and with over 23 million clients. The group has numerous certifications with AENOR, including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, EMAS, Family-Responsible Company and Healthy Company.

The photo shows, during the ceremony: Rosa Maria Sanz, Managing Director of People and Resources at Gas Natural; and Manuel Romero, Sales Manager of Certification at AENOR.


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