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Banco Santander acknowledged for Environmental Management


Banco Santander has obtained the AENOR Environmental Management Certificate, in accordance with Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, for the management of maintenance services in office buildings and general services of Complejo Gran Vía Santander.

This certification strengthens the commitment of the Santander Group to the environment, in addition to other acknowledgements, such as that of the entire complex of Grupo Santander City in Boadilla del Monte since 2005, which conform to the same standard.

This certificate proves that Banco Santander complies with the requirements established by the international standard ISO 14001 and that it has implemented an environmental management system that helps to prevent environmental impacts, using the necessary measures to avoid, reduce and control them, thus committing to continuous improvement.

ISO 14001 is the most widespread environmental management tool in the world with nearly 320,000 certified organisations complying with this standard. It has numerous advantages, although they can be summed up in three: transmitting commitment directly and credibly; there are economic benefits for the optimisation of energy consumption, raw materials and water as well as for improvements to processes. and a reduction in legal risks.

Spain ranks fifth in the world and third in Europe for numbers of ISO 14001 certificates granted, with over 14,000 acknowledgements according to the the latest ISO report.

Banco Santander is a commercial bank based in Spain with relevant market shares in 10 key European and American markets. Furthermore, it is one of the largest banks in the world in terms of market capitalisation.

In the image, from left to right: Jesús Fernandez, Property and General Service Manager of Santander Spain; Gonzalo Piédrola, AENOR Certification Operations Manager and Carlos Gonzalez, Cost and Property Manager of Santander Spain.

Further information in attached press release.



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