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UNE in the WTO with the Spanish Permanent Mission


The conference on technical standards for the service sector has recently been held. The event was organised by the Australian Permanent Mission of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Within the framework of the conference, representatives of the International Standards Organization (ISO) and of its members, including the Spanish Standardisation Association, UNE, set out the role that technical standards can play to support the global trade of services. This presentation was made to the member states of the Working Party on Domestic Regulation (WPDR) of the Council for Trade in Services.

A meeting between representatives of the Spanish Permanent Mission and UNE took place to coincide with this session.

This served to address subjects related to the role of standardisation as a tool for contributing to eradicate technical barriers to trade, to the way in which to facilitate regulatory harmonisation between countries, and to export and internationalisation strategies for Spanish organisations.

In the image, from left to right: Javier García, UNE Standardisation Manager; Alberto Sanz, Deputy Permanent Representative for trade Issues and Head of the Office of the Economy and Trade; Avelino Brito, UNE's Chief Executive Officer; and Fernando Varela, Adviser for the Economy and Trade.


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