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Which standards will be introduced in 2017?


The latest issue of the AENOR Magazine is now available.

*Which standards will be introduced in 2017? With video!: UNE has published its work schedule for 2017. Internationalisation, innovation, digital transformation and social responsibility are areas that will see new standards this year.

*Big Data: a new way of doing business: Standards ensure that Big Data has a standardised nomenclature and guarantee the correct application of processes and tools in the processing of large volumes of data.

Innovation in the National Health System : The ITEMAS Platform uses AENOR certification, specifically the UNE 166002, to promote, identify and channel innovation as a sustainability tool.

*First UNE standard for the installation of ceramic tiles: The UNE 138002 aims to be a benchmark in building projects.

*Standards in action – Civil shipbuilding and ship repairing: The CTN 27 has developed over 80 UNE standards that cater to the needs of Spanish shipyards. They are the only UNE standards published in the Spanish-English version.

*Standards in our lives – Industrial Tourism: This can be defined as visits to sites which showcase a particular type of expertise from the past, present or future, such as factories, wine cellars, mines and Science Parks. The UNE-ISO 13810 establishes the requirements for suppliers of these services.

Access the ASTM standards: AENOR introduces Spanish companies to the ASTM International standards.

ISOfocus – Standardisation for the future of airports: International standards work to improve airport infrastructures and respond to new challenges in the sector.

*Contents provided by the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE


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