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Bilbao Port Authority, Healthy Company


Bilbao Port Authority has obtained the Healthy Company certificate, granted by AENOR, which proves that it has introduced a management system that promotes and protects the health, well-being and security of employees, as well as the sustainability of the working environment.

The work that the Port Authority needed to undertake to achieve the AENOR certificate began in 2014 with the initiation of the Portu Osasuntsua-Healthy Port programme, whose objective is to achieve a work space that protects, promotes and supports the complete physical, mental, social and cultural well-being of employees.

The project has the total commitment of the people that make up the Port Authority, and it is based on close collaboration between the Prevention and Human Resources departments.

The Healthy Company seal is based on internationally recognised criteria, as well as on the methodology of constant improvement known as Plan-Do-Review-Act (PHVA in the original acronym in Spanish). This establishes that a healthy company is one in which “employees and the management work together to apply a process of constant improvement to protect and to promote the health, security and well-being of all employees and the sustainability of the workplace”.

Since AENOR granted the first Healthy Company certificates in 2013, there are already 45 organisations of varying sizes and from different business sectors that have earned this accolade.

In the photo: Luz Emparanza, Managing Director of the AENOR Delegation in the Basque Country; and Asier Atutxa, President of AP in Bilbao.

Please find more information in the press release attached.



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