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ISO 37001, in Spanish


The ISO 37001 Standard Anti-bribery management systems - Requirements with guidance for use, published in October 2016, is now available in Spanish.

UNE-ISO 37001 Standard Anti-bribery management systems. Requirements with guidance for use now adopts the official translation into Spanish of ISO 37001, recently approved by the ISO translation department created for this purpose, which seeks to guarantee the same interpretation of the document across different countries. The standard can be acquired on the AENOR website.

This document establishes the requirements for a management system that helps organisations to prevent and combat one of the more common corruption mechanisms in the business world: bribery.

Requirements included in the standard apply to all organisations, of any size, sector and type. This management system is easily integratable with others, such as quality management systems, as the standard follows the usual structure of ISO management system standards; and it constitutes a system that can be evaluated by independent third parties.

With its implementation, organisations will be able to show their commitment to fighting against bribery and to creating a culture of integrity and transparency. In this way they improve their reputation and provide objective elements to the various public and private entities.

The company also benefits from this tool that helps to fight against the effects of a criminal activity that distorts competition, increases the cost of products and services, and interferes with the efficient operation of markets.


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