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500 standards promote workplace safety


The latest issue of the CTN 81 represents three decades developing documents for risk prevention at work. Today prevention focuses on people and spreads from the workplace to the staff.

20 years of Regulation of Prevention Services
The Director of the INSHT, María Dolores Limón, analyses advances made during these two decades and the challenges that prevention faces.

How to save 10% on fuel consumption and emissions – With video Efficient driving is a cornerstone to help to the transport sector to reduce its consumption and emissions. AENOR has issued its first certificates.

*White book of Compliance
Identifies the essential aspects that define the compliance function, and it profiles the responsibilities and skills of these professionals.

*Standards to preserve cultural heritage
CTN 41/SC 8 has developed 45 documents that help to repair, rehabilitate and conserve all the assets that serve to pass on our history.

Practical cases - Mutual Madridleña and the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centre of Cuba
Detail their experiences with UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001, respectively.

Standardisation in action - tobacco and tobacco products
CTN 118 has developed 40 standards of analysis that determine different properties.

Standards in our life - Travelling by plane
Many UNE standards accompany us every time that we travel by plane. They are present in the terminal, in operations as well as in the equipment and devices used.


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