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Voting on the second draft of ISO 45001


On 19 May, the voting period begins for the second DIS (Draft International Standard) of ISO 45001 Management Systems for Health and Safety at Work – Requirements with Guidance on its Use, which will conclude in July. The next step is subject to the results from voting.

This draft, developed in the international committee ISO/PC 283, includes modifications derived from analysis of the comments submitted to the first draft, respecting the text of the high level structure. Among these, of note is the reference to the Health and Safety Committees, as well as to the workers' representatives as a mechanism for consultation and participation.

Additionally, it includes changes in communication requirements; the need to research incidents and to assess risks before taking action which, as a consequence, can create new dangers or modify existing ones; and the requirement of assessing opportunities related to health and safety at work and management systems.

On the other hand, some aspects have been removed, such as the need to define a process for constant improvement or the obligatory nature of assessing and controlling contractor activities and operations for their workers. In addition, the usefulness of including criteria related to health and safety at work when selecting contractors is mentioned.

The future ISO 45001 Standard has the aim of preventing work-related accidents and illnesses. It may be applied to any type of organisation and is aligned with High Level ISO Structure.


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