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Standard 19601 on Criminal Compliance is published


After almost two years of work and the result of a consensus of leading experts from different criminal compliance interest groups, the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has today published Spanish Standard UNE 19601 Criminal Compliance Management Systems Requirements and guidelines for use.

This standard has been developed by UNE's Technical Standardisation Subcommittee, the CTN 307/SC1 Anti-corruption management systems and systems of compliance. In it, requirements for implementing, maintaining and continually improving a criminal compliance management system in organisations are established, with the aim of preventing the perpetration of criminal offences within the organisation and reducing criminal risk through pushing for a culture of ethics and compliance.

UNE 19601 responds to the new panorama and great interest for criminal compliance after the 2010 Penal Code reform, as well as the latest 2015 Penal Code reform, which indicates that legal entities who have introduced criminal offence prevention models and who fulfil a series of requirements, can become exempt from criminal liability.

Thus, this standard develops requirements that respond to what is indicated by the Penal Code for criminal offence management models and prevention, also incorporating globally good practices accepted with regard to compliance.

The system that establishes UNE 19601 has a High Level structure, common to all international ISO standards on management systems, which is consequently integrated in other management systems.

This document is aimed at all types of organisations, regardless of their type, size, nature, activity and the sector to which they belong. In addition, it can be used in jurisdictions that are not Spanish and by organisations that are not Spanish.

Please find more information in the press release attached.



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