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AENOR magazine: Key points for preparing Service Charters


The latest issue of the AENOR Magazine is now available.

Service Charters. With a Video!: Learn about the key points for preparing these documents, which express commitment with service users. AENOR has certified more than 200 in Spain and Latin America

Case Studies - Madrid City Council: This administration, which has 45 service charters certified by AENOR, shares its experience on drafting and implementing

*The Progressive Standardisation Plan ICT 2017: The European Commission identifies 28 fields in which the use of technical standards is fundamental for progress in the Digital Single Market

*New standards for cables: Starting from July, all energy, control and communication cables and fibre optic that is installed in construction works must comply with basic security requirements in case of fire as established by Construction Products Regulation

Verification for improving safety: Learn about the conformity assessment services required so that cables comply with Construction Products Regulation

*UNE 66102 on tachographs supports legislation: Royal Decree 125/2017 demands that both analogue and digital technical tachograph centres are certified according to UNE 66102

ISOfocus-Silver Economy: An ever increasing percentage of the population are over 60 years old. International technical standards support the development of new products and services for them

*Old age standards: Many UNE standards make life easier for old people, both when adapting their home environment and when moving to an old people's home

*Standardisation in air-conditioning: More than 200 standards guarantee that air-conditioning systems protect health, maximise comfort and minimise energy consumption


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