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Aerial Surveillance Squadron No. 10, Certificate of Environmental Management


The Aerial Surveillance Squadron No. 10 of the Air Force has obtained the ISO 14001 seal from AENOR.

This seal is based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standard which establishes requirements to implant an Environmental Management System. This allows for the systematisation of any environmental aspects that may arise from activities conducted within the organisation, as well as the promotion of environmental protection, and the prevention of pollution in balance with other relevant socioeconomic aspects.

In addition, it allows for a reduction in environmental impact and optimises the management of resources and waste. Similarly, it manages the risks associated with accidental situations and facilitates the processing of administrative authorisations.

Spain currently holds the top position in Europe and third position in the world for the number of certified ISO 14001.

The Aerial Surveillance Squadrons (EVA) are air units responsible for obtaining, processing and transmitting radar data for subsequent use by Command and Control Groups.

This EVA forms part of thirteen squadrons included in this certification. Together, they constitute the Headquarters of the Command and Control System, which is responsible for managing, coordinating and assessing all aspects of the Command and Control System, including operational evaluation.

In the photograph, from left to right: María Cruz Ferreira, Director for the Environment of the Government of Galicia; Martín Pita, Director of AENOR in Galicia; and Juan José Vázquez Moreira, Commander in Chief of the Aerial Surveillance Squadron No. 10, Barbanza.


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