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AENOR magazine: First UNE General Assembly since model change


The latest issue of the AENOR Magazine
is available now.
First UNE General Assembly since model change: Since January 2017, the Spanish Standardisation Association has been responsible for standardisation and international cooperation. Meanwhile, AENOR INTERNACIONAL, S.A.U., is in charge of conformity assessment, training and information services

Interview - Antoni Gella, Director of Prevention, Health, Environment and Quality Assurance - Gas Natural Fenosa: Keys of the success of the Model of Healthy Company implemented in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco and Dominican Republic

Animal husbandry without antibiotics: This new AENOR certification contemplates the analytical control of water and fodder supplied to animals, and of the end products, conducted by the AENOR Laboratory

Plastic material in contact with food: The AENOR Laboratory carries out migration testing for plastic materials intended for contact with food

New certification for lids made from composite materials: AENOR has developed a Certification Regulation for lids manufactured from composite materials, which comply with the UNE-EN 124-5 standard

Practical Examples – Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios: The Training College of High and Low Voltage Lines of Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios uses the ISO 9001 standard as a tool for constant improvement

*Installation of windows with quality assurance: The UNE 85219 standard defines systems and technical conditions for proper window placement

*Standards in our life – Concerts: UNE standards contribute to the safe running of festivals and concerts

*Standardisation in action – ophthalmic optics: 71 documents with requirements for ready-made glasses, frames or contact lenses

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