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First Data Quality Certificate


The ESIC Institute of Digital Economics (ICEMD) has received the certificate for Data Quality from AENOR in accordance with the ISO/IEC 25012 standard for Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation. Data quality model, the first organisation of the world to achieve this recognition.

To gain certification, the ICEMD successfully passed an AENOR audit as well as an external evaluation carried out by AQCLab laboratory, accredited by ENAC.

The certificate proves that information held in ICEMD databases complies with international standard ISO/IEC 25012, in aspects such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, credibility, and currentness.

It is also proof of the quality of an organisation's database data, showing it is in line with business objectives; and means actions can be taken more effectively, thanks to being able to carry out better data analysis and more precise segmentations.

The ESIC Institute of Digital Economics (ICEMD) at the ESIC Business & Marketing School is dedicated to innovation in the fields of the digital economy and data driven marketing. It offers more than 100 training programmes, with more than 2,500 students training there per year.

In the photograph (from left to right): Joost Go Nispen, Founder and CEO of ICEMD; Manuel Romero, AENOR Business Development Director; and Eduardo Gómez Martín, Chief Executive Officer of ESIC.

See attached press release for more information.



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