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Quality Standard of Digital Educational Materials


The Standard UNE 71362:2017 Quality of Digital Educational Material has been published, the purpose of which is to provide a model and tool to assess the quality of this material already created and used in electronic teaching and learning environments.

This document covers how final objectives facilitate and foment the creation, improvement, assessment and selection of effective digital educational material in didactic and technological use.

These objectives include providing guidance in the creation of material; helping users to select the best digital educational material; contributing to a more accurate assessment of e-leaning offers based on quality of digital educational material; as well as the assessment of the materials created by the likes of teachers, institutions and companies.

The scope of application of this standard, drawn up by the CTN 71 Information technologies, includes anyone who is likely to use, create, improve, publish or market digital educational material; therefore, it is intended for any person, group, institution, administration or company involved in these processes.


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