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UNE-EN-ISO 18465:2017. Quantitative analysis of the emetic toxin (cereulide)

Intoxication by Bacillus cereus ensues, in many cases, from eating cooked food that has not been properly cooled, cream, dessert, rice, in addition to other types of foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit, meat, milk...

This bacterium, B. cereus, generates spores and it can cause a food-bourne outbreak in the consumer, provided it is in expansion-inducing conditions of temperature and humidity.

Following on from this, the food industry must painstakingly respect the cold chain of foodstuffs, especially those ready for consumption, since cooking does not guarantee the eradication of these spores.

The standard UNE-EN ISO 18465:2017 is now available. Quantitative analysis of the emetic toxin (cereulide).

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-UNE 100030:2017. Guidelines for prevention and control of proliferation and spread of Legionella in facilities.

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