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New UNE Standard 53933


The Standard UNE 53933:2017 Plastics has recently been published.Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Boxes for transporting food products Characteristics and testing methods, establishing the definition guidelines for EPS boxes for transporting food products in accordance with their properties, as well as the fundamental provisions to enable manufacturers to label or provide additional information in a data sheet using common criteria.

This standard arises from the initiative of EPS manufacturers to provide manufacturers with the main features that must be assessed in the boxes and testing methods to determine their features, to enable them to provide their customers with the required characteristics.

Similarly, customers have harmonised criteria through which they can compare the products they purchase depending on their needs.

Work to draw up the standard was lead by ANAPE (the Spanish Association of Expanded Polystyrene), within a specific work group of the Standardization Technical Committee CTN53 Plastics and Rubber, the secretariat of which is lead by ANAIP (the Spanish Association of Plastic Industries).

Currently, the criteria employed in the purchase of boxes for transporting foodstuffs (fresh, frozen, among others) are usually limited to assessing their density or capacity or, simply, their price. Users must know that there are many other factors that influence the quality of these containers and, as a result, the conservation quality of the food and its security during transportation.


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