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New UNE 23510:2017

As a result of the work of Committee 23, formed by fire safety experts, the UNE 23510:2017 standard for fire extinguishing systems in commercial kitchens such as, for example, those used in restaurants, hotels and hospitals, is now available.

In accordance with the devices usually found in these types of kitchens, the UNE 23510 aims to establish a common ground for protection against the risk, regardless of the fire extinguishing system used.

Gain first-hand knowledge of the recommended minimum requirements regarding the design, installation, operation, testing and maintenance of automatic fixed fire-extinguishing systems for protection in these kitchens, where ignition events can occur due to the daily food preparation routine.

The risk protection is specifically focused on kitchen devices, such as the cooker hood and the space above the filters (plenum), in addition to extraction ducts.

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