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Selection of CEN/TC 113 representative experts


The project Ecodiseño SA/2015-14 was recently begun, with the aim of assessing, using round robin testing, the repeatability of parameters that must be used for energy efficiency labelling across laboratories and ecological design regulations for water and space heaters, by evaluating the application standards for these regulations.

As a result, a call for experts has been announced. If you are interested in taking part, you can send the attached form (according to the type of representation you would like to perform) to the email address before 8 September.

Two representatives are planned for the CEN/TC 113:

- Expert 1: TC 113 link expert in the WPs/WP meetings to contribute information about the viability of the proposed changes for the laboratories.

- Expert 2: TC 113 expert in the Steering Group.

The activity, tasks and efforts expected of these experts can be found in the attached forms.

In this project, which is financed by community funds, several technical bodies from the CEN-CENELEC are involved, including CEN/TC 113 Heat pumps and air conditioning units. UNE acts as the Secretariat of this technical committee.



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