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Public Procurement Course for Civil Servants in Latin America


Enrolment has now opened for the first edition of the Course on Sustainability and Quality in Public Procurement. This course is directed by the Spanish Association for Standardisation - UNE, in collaboration with the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO), and it is financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and managed by CEDDET.

This is an online course that has the objective of promoting the use of technical standards in public procurement, while incorporating criteria on sustainability and quality into this type of purchasing. Enrolment must take place via the Intercoonecta website.

During the course, participants will learn about the infrastructure for quality, along with the entities that it includes and the roles played by each of these; they will learn about the relevant standards that may be applicable in their field; and they will learn about how to make reference to standards in tendering specifications, including ways to require and evaluate compliance with them.

This course is targeted at public administrations or entities in Latin America that are responsible for procurement or tendering, purchasing units at the various ministries, and civil servants who have a management role in public procurement activities, regardless of their hierarchical level.


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