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Grants for indirect GHG emissions


On 12 July, Royal Decree 655/2017 was published in the BOE, introducing updates regarding grants for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission verification. These grants are intended to avoid a worldwide increase in greenhouse gas emissions, due to the relocation of production outside the European Union.

The term for presenting applications for the 2017 financial year runs from 4 to 19 September.

Unlike the previous call for applications, for this one, the result of the verification must be presented as well as the required documentation. If you wish to present an application for the grants, you can carry out a regulatory check of greenhouse gas emissions with AENOR.

With Royal Decree 655/2017, amending Royal Decree 1055/2014 of 12 December, a compensation mechanism has been created to cover the costs of indirect greenhouse gas emissions for companies in certain industrial sectors and sub-sectors that are determined to be at significant risk of carbon leakage.

This Decree establishes the basis by which grants are awarded for the financial years 2014 and 2015 and it extends its term of validity until 31 December 2020.

Royal Decree 655/2017 can be consulted in the document attached.



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