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New UNE 71362. Digital didactic material quality

Nowadays, education is gradually incorporating new ways of learning in step with the times we live in. It is becoming increasingly regular to learn through digital educational content online or imparted by educators, institutions and other bodies.

On the UNE 71 Committee, the teamwork of the experts of the 36 subcommittee is focused on information technology for learning, creating standards such as the new UNE 71362:2017 for the quality of digital didactic materials (DEM).

The purpose of this standard is: to help content authors to produce quality digital educational material; to provide guidance to users on selecting DEMs that best suit their needs, regardless of the type or level of education. similarly, it will enable the assessment of the quality of DEMs and the certification of the quality of the corresponding suppliers' products.

It is a versatile standard that perfectly suits the main sectors involved in the creation and use of DEMs. It aims to achieve the highest possible quality of contents that represent concepts and facilitate learning for a large number of people. Despite current hindrances in undertaking the digital educational transformation, in truth, this way of learning beyond the classroom is a reality that is constantly gaining strength.

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