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Grupo Hospiten receives EFQM 500+


Grupo Hospiten has received the European EFQM 500+ Seal of Excellence certificate. This makes the group one of 87 Spanish companies which currently hold the quality seal.

This latest acknowledgement is added to the 24 AENOR certificates Grupo Hospiten currently holds for hospitals in several different countries (13 in Quality Management Systems in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard and 11 in Environmental Management Systems according to the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standard).

The certification was awarded by the Excellence in Management Club (Club Excelencia en Gestión) after the organisation successfully passed an external assessment carried out in conjunction with AENOR.

EFQM 500+ is the highest level of recognition awarded by the Excellence in Management Club. The model honours those organisations that follow a management strategy aimed at excellence which have achieved the established objectives.

Among other points, the assessment highlighted Hospiten leading the Group's expansion at an international level, in a process in which "it has managed to transmit its corporate culture to each one of its centres; as well as expanding the hospital network according to principles of sustainable building and optimising consumption”.

Grupo Hospiten is an international healthcare network with nineteen medical centres and private hospitals in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Jamaica, and more than one hundred outpatient medical centres, both of its own and associates under its Clinic Assist brand. It attends to more than a million patients a year all over the world, with a workforce of over 4,000 people.

In the photo (from left to right): Luis Muñoz, Hospiten Performance Manager; Pedro Luis Cobiella, Chief Executive Officer of Hospiten; Rafael García Meiro, Chief Executive Officer of AENOR; Juan José Hernández, Managing Director of Hospiten; Ignacio Babé, General Secretary of Club Excelencia en Gestión; and Rafael Navarro, Director of Operations at Hospiten.



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