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AENOR magazine: ISO 45001, the foreseeable future of occupational health and safety


The latest issue of the AENOR Magazine is now available.

*ISO 45001, the foreseeable future of occupational health and safety. Video available! Discover the requirements included in the standard due to be published in 2018. It will enable organisations to improve the risk control and reduce accidents

The last year for transition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Video available! Key points about how those who have already adapted their management systems did so

UNE-ISO 39001 certification, good road safety practices that save lives: Any organisation can apply for this certification that contributes to reducing road safety risks

Interview-Natalia Cebrián, Contaraza Quality, Environment and Safety manager: She states that ecodesign, the circular economy and advanced management are key elements for continuous improvement

ISO/DIS 22000, minimising risks: The forthcoming version of the standard will place greater emphasis on minimising risks throughout the food chain

Responsible tuna fishing certification: AENOR has issued the first certificates according to UNE 195006 to seven tuna fishing companies associated with OPAGAC.

*UNE 71362, Digital didactic material quality: The standard provides a model to qualitatively and quantitatively define and assess the quality of materials

Practical cases, Hidropaute Business Unit of the Ecuador Electricity Corporation: Measures taken to certify its management systems

*Standardisation in action – Documentation: The CTN 50 has drawn up nearly 80 standards that apply to activities with digital and analogue documents

*Standards in our lives-Simultaneous interpreting: Standards such as UNE-EN-ISO 2603 and UNE-EN-ISO 4043 facilitate the work of interpreters


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