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Criminal Compliance standardised. The UNE 19601 standard

This publication presents a practical aid to maintain a common management system that controls and coordinates needs in the areas of criminal compliance, risk identification and decision-making for the good of the organisation in compliance with the law.

A comprehensive guide in terms of the compliance sector, which highlights the practicality of UNE 19601 and explains its required criteria, intended for businesses that endeavour to remain within the legal framework, avoiding actions or conduct that may violate the criminal code.

Its author, Alain Casanovas, is an accredited expert with vast experience in compliance, and a coordinator and member of the work group that develops the UNE 19601 standard. A book, in the words of its author, dedicated to professionals that challenge the complexities of the environment, who are prepared to contribute to a better world.

Expand your view of the world of compliance, in a click: Criminal Compliance standardised. The UNE 19601 standard


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