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Club Asturiano de Calidad-AENOR Agreement


AENOR and Club Asturiano de Calidad have recently renewed their collaboration agreement.

Among other things, the agreement includes working together to organise technical and awareness-raising events; training courses on social responsibility, healthy company, sustainability, occupational health and safety, etc.

The Club Asturiano de Calidad is an organisation made up of more than 250 companies and institutions in Asturias, which aims to improve management skills in Asturian organisations through training, awareness-raising, cooperation, and promoting and sharing good practices.

AENOR has been working together with the Club Asturiano de Calidad since 2003.

In the image (from left to right): Juan Lucas García, Director of AENOR in Asturias; Francisco Vaciero, President of the Club Asturiano de Calidad; Roberto Rodríguez, Executive Director of PFS Grupo; and Loreto Mayordomo, Commercial Management of Major Accounts, Telecable.


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