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ISO 9001:2015, more opportunities for SMEs


The latest issue of the AENOR Magazine is now available.

ISO 9001, a boost for SMEs: discover which requirements of the 2015 version of ISO 9001 are focused on helping SMEs to grow, improve and increase competitiveness.

*ISO/TC 228 on tourism, a successful history: the committee, which coordinates UNE with the Tunisian Standardisation Organisation, has just received the standardisation "Óscar" for its technical excellence.

New certification for due diligence systems: helping guarantee the legal origin of wood put on the market. Meet the requirements of the European Regulations 995/2010.

*Standards make cities smarter: the slogan chosen this year to celebrate World Standards day highlights the role of technical standards in the deployment of smart cities, a field where Spain sets the benchmark.

ISO FOCUS - Why the future belongs to standards: analysis on the economic-growth potential the standards; Interview with Simon Baptist, Chief Economist of The Economist, and a study on the impact of management systems standards in recent decades.

*Standardisation in action - Aggregates: out of the 80 standards developed by CTN 146, those that stand out are the harmonised standards representing the basis for the Declaration of Performance and CE mark required for the free circulation of natural, artificial and recycled aggregates in the EU.

*Standards in our life - Fruit shop: autumn is a season rich in fruit that provides energy and vitamins to strengthen the immune system. The UNE standards catalogue includes several documents that refer to these fruits.

*Contents provided by UNE.


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