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BBVA obtains the AENOR certification on the prevention of criminal offences - UNE 19601


BBVA is the first Spanish bank to obtain recognition for its Criminal Compliance Management System under the UNE 19601 standard, which certifies its management system for criminal compliance.

Antonio del Campo, Head of Compliance at Grupo BBVA, remarks that
"this certification guarantees our commitment and diligence in the prevention of criminal liability within the organisation at all levels, including senior management".

The concept "criminal compliance" consists of developing a criminal prevention and mitigation system in a company. This protection may relieve or mitigate the criminal liability of a legal person.

The AENOR certification not only guarantees BBVA's current criminal offence prevention programmes, but also requires that these constantly-developing programmes be continually reviewed. In addition, this criminal offence prevention model will apply to all subsidiary companies of BBVA in Spain.

The importance of criminal compliance for BBVA falls within the scope of value-based corporate culture, and represents a step towards consolidating the best behavioural practices, the cornerstone of which is the Code of Conduct approved by the company in May 2015.

Telefónica España, Iberdrola, Endesa and now BBVA, are the four companies forming part of IBEX 35, the benchmark stock market index of the Spanish stock exchange, that are committed to the proper management of compliance policies, and entrust AENOR to certify the conformity of the criminal prevention models implemented in their organisations.


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