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Bankia's Environmental Management certificate has been updated


Bankia has renewed and updated its Environmental Management Systems certificate, awarded by AENOR, to the new version of the international standard ISO 14001, which was published in 2015.

The updated standard ISO 14001 includes new requirements to improve the business, such as the development of greater alignment of management systems to Bankia's general strategy, identifying and analysing the context in which the company operates. Furthermore, the new ISO 14001 incorporates a risk-based approach, that allows senior management to identify and deal with risks and opportunities effectively.

In addition, incorporating the life cycle approach allows Bankia to discover new areas to implement measures for continuously improving both environmental aspects that can be directly controlled as well as those that can be indirectly affected.

In addition, the High-Level structure, common to standards of ISO management systems, allows different management systems to be integrated; for example, with Quality Management standard ISO 9001.

Holding this certificate shows that an Environmental Management System has been introduced to help minimise environmental impact. The Environmental Management System works in balance with socio-economic principles to set out necessary means to avoid, reduce or control environmental impact.

Pictured, left to right, Laura Monterroso, Technician for Logistics and Energy Management at Bankia; Manuel Romero, AENOR Business Development Director; Angel Prado, Director of General Services at Bankia; and Francisco Javier Sánchez, Director of Logistics and Energy management at the financial institution.


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