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Certification of compliance, legal security for companies


The latest issue of the free AENOR magazine is now available.

Interview - Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR. Video included!: AENOR is evolving into an organisation that puts the client in the centre. The company's Director General explains the key to this transformation process, as well as discussing AENOR's growth and how he envisions the future of certification.

Certification of compliance, legal security for companies: Certification according to UNE 19601, on penal compliance, and ISO 37001, on prevention of bribery, helps to create of a strong culture of compliance as well as prevention and detection of behaviour that is against the law.

Standardised interfaces to promote Industry 4.0: The Working group on Standardisation, created by MINECO as part of the Connected Industry 4.0 initiative, aims to help Spanish industry face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

Practical cases - Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum: The first museum in Madrid to be awarded the certificate in Universal Accessibility which guarantees equal opportunities to all people to access and enjoy the museum's services.

ISO Focus - Why supply chains will rule the world: Analysis of the near future of the freight transportation sector, in all forms, and the influence of technical standards.

Standardisation in action - Postal services CTN 156 follows work by its European counterpart on new standards of quality of services, digital interoperability and digital postal services, etc.

Standards in our life - Toy store: Toys are the main attraction of Christmas for the smallest among us. There are many technical standards that exist in order to ensure safe play.


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