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Civil Protection and Emergencies Directorate obtains UNE-ISO 22320 certification


AENOR has issued the Emergencies Management System Certificate in accordance with the UNE-ISO 22320 standard on the Protection and Security of Citizens. Managing Emergencies. Requirements of the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Emergencies for responding to incidents. This is the first centre run by the General State Administration to obtain this prestigious certificate.

The certificate was awarded recently at an act attended by the Minister for the Interior Juan Ignacio Zoido, the Interior Ministry Undersecretary Luis Aguilera, the Director General of Civil Protection and Emergencies Juan Antonio Díaz and AENOR President Carlos Esteban.

The Minister said, "We are very pleased that the Centre has received this certificate and are also proud of the work and involvement of all its employees". The Director General thanked CENEM employees for their dedication and efforts, while the AENOR President emphasised the commitment to continuously improve CENEM (which is one of the Directorate's major strengths), as highlighted by the auditors.

UNE-ISO 22320 External website, a new window will be opened applies to any type of organisation. This international standard stipulates requirements to respond effectively to incidents, including command and control, operational information, decision support, traceability, interoperability, information management, and coordination and cooperation within an organisation, among others.

AENOR has already issued more than 20 Emergency Management certificates to entities in various sectors ranging from medical transportation companies to industrial facilities.

From left to right, the AENOR President, the Director General of Civil Protection and Emergencies and the Minister for the Interior.


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