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The ISO Standards 9001 and 14001, now in Basque


The translation of UNE standards into Basque comes in addition to the translation into other languages, such as Galician and Catalan. These technical standards are documents that contain the market consensus on good practice for dealing with key issues for the competitiveness of organisations, ousting business uncertainty.

More than a million organisations throughout the world successfully apply the ISO Quality Management standard 9001, whereas nearly 350,000 use the ISO 14001 for correct Environmental Management.

The Basque Government, via the Department of Culture and Language Policy, will oversee the translation into Basque of UNE standards of the programme subject to this agreement, and potential updates. Furthermore, a list of the standards to be added to the annual programme will be signed.

Subsequently, the Basque Government must deliver to the UNE management the Basque translation of the standards, guaranteeing that this version matches the original version of the corresponding UNE standard.

Finally, UNE will oversee the publication and promotion of the Basque versions, guaranteed by the Department of Culture and Language Policy, of the standards deriving from the work agenda subject to this agreement, among others matters. This institution authorises the addition into EUSKALTERM, the Basque Public Term Bank, of the terms included in the UNE standards subject to this agreement and to oversee public promotion provided that the origin is specified.

This agreement was concluded by the minister for Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria (left in the photo) and by Javier García Díaz, Chief Executive Officer of UNE.


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