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Agreement between AECIM and AENOR


The Asociación de Empresas del Metal de Madrid [Association of Metal Sector Companies in Madrid] (AECIM) and AENOR have signed an agreement with the main goal of boosting quality and competitiveness among metal sector companies in Madrid. It is a framework agreement that will lead to an increasing number of areas of collaboration.

Through this agreement, AENOR will promote among AECIM members activities of certification and conformity assessment in accordance with technical standards, publications, information services and technical advice regarding standards and legislation, as well as training that is of interest to AECIM companies, among others.

Similarly, AENOR will offer information on services that facilitate access to external markets for AECIM companies, such as the conformity assessment, among others.

By means of this agreement, both organisations will organise informative activities which are of shared interest, including the holding of conferences or workshops.

The agreement has been signed by the AECIM President, José Miguel Guerrero (pictured right) and AENOR's President, Carlos Esteban.


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