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Agreement between the CEA and AENOR


The Confederación de Empresarios de Andalucía [Confederation of Andalusian Employers] (CEA) and AENOR have executed a collaboration agreement in order to promote competition among Andalusian companies by supporting quality, safety and the environment, among other areas of corporate management.

Pursuant to this agreement, AENOR has become an associate member of the Andalusian business organisation, which will enable the two entities to create a permanent institutional collaboration framework to help Andalusian companies generate greater yields. AENOR is particularly interested in developing value added services for Andalusian companies such as certification, training and the acquisition of standards and information services.

In the agreement, CEA and AENOR prioritise improving the efficiency of companies in order to strengthen Andalusian production industries and emphasise how important certification and quality management is for companies in order to increase productivity.

To this end, the two entities have agreed to enact a range of joint activities to develop projects that promote business excellence in Andalusia; these include studying or analysing areas that support the efficacy of business organisation system tasks, offering joint informative events and providing specific training and IT solutions, among other areas.

The image shows the General Secretary of the CEA, Antonio Carrillo (on the left), and the Director of the AENOR Office in Andalusia, Antonio Pérez Carreño.


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