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Agreement between MAPAMA and UNE


The Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and the Environment (MAPAMA) and UNE have executed a collaboration agreement to improve the quality of agricultural products and the equipment used in the industry in order to lower the cost of production mechanisms and use them more rationally to help make agricultural practices sustainable.

The main objective of this agreement is to develop a standardisation programme for the fields of activity where agricultural production mechanisms are used, which are specifically, agricultural machinery and equipment, fertilizers, amendments, growing media and biostimulants.

To do this, the development of standards will be promoted and support will be provided to national Standardisation Technical Committees and international and European committees that are of interest to Spanish industry and the government. All interest groups will also be encouraged to participate in creating European EN standards and documents on Spanish UNE standards (within the context of the Association).

The agreement was signed by the General Secretary for Agriculture and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and the Environment, Carlos Cabanas (on the left of the photograph), and UNE Chief Executive Officer Javier García.


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